Sunday, February 7, 2010

Adventures into Weird Flavors, part 1

Okay, I like to experiment with interesting, unique, different foodstuffs. I decided this would be a fun place to do some quickie notes/reccomendations of them. Today's item is something which I just tasted for the first time not 2 minutes ago. It was so awful, I immediately said "I have to blog about this!"

The product: Steaz Cola: Green Tea Soda. Yes, it is a green tea cola. It sounded weird, so I bought one- count it ONE bottle.

Our testers: Myself and my lovely fiance Joanna.

Color: It's black. Looks like your standard cola. More like pepsi than coke- coke has a characteristic slight orange/red sheen which pepsi does not.

Bouquet: Andrew: I know that smell...It smells like Moxie! No,'s- like Moxie and A1?!
Joanna: Oh my god, this smells terrible!

Taste: Andrew: Oh my god- it tastes like Moxie and A1 steak sauce!
Joanna:It's like carbonated steak sauce.

Aftertaste: Andrew: The moxie goes away fairly quickly, leaving the flavor of the steak sauce behind- not so awful, but not what I want from a drink.
Joanna: I still have that steak flavor in my mouth.

Afterwards: Joanna: Oh my god, I feel sick...Oh my god- my burps taste like steak sauce!
Andrew: Well, I tried it twice. You have to say that. I think any more would be...unhealthy.

Andrew: It's different and unique. But perhaps some things were not meant to be crossbred by man. And steak and unwashed cola nut would be among them.
Joanna: Pepsuber! Pepsi pepsi pepsi pepsi pepsi pepsi pepsi- pepsuber! (it's a mcguyver joke- look it up)