Thursday, February 12, 2009

Maple Orange glazed Duck Crown

Here in the UK supermarkets sell something called a "duck crown". No, it's not a duck with a little gold crown, its the trimmed front half of a full size duck. First let me explain that they don't do "duckling" here like we are accustomed to in the US. This means that duck in the UK is not the delicate, succulent, soft deliciousness we New Yorkers expect. It's still tasty but not as succulent by far. So - back to the crown - they remove the rear half with legs and thighs and trim back the wings. The resultant roast sits neatly in the pan and roasts evenly and quickly.

So - 1 crown = 2 portions. It's just right for supper for a couple. Cost is around £5 - £6.

I knew I should have taken photos because it came out of the oven looking sensational. Anyway -

Preheat oven to 190 C (375 F)
Drizzle duck with maple syrup
Roast duck for 1 hour and 15 min
The orange glaze trick:
-After 45 min remove duck from oven and ladle on orange marmalade (yes, the one in the recipe last week!)
- You need to use really good orange marmalade - nothing sour or dark tasting. Definitely not too bitter!
- Be generous, spoon it on and gently spread to a thick coating
Put duck back in oven for remaining 30 min roasting

Remove from oven and cover with foil
Let rest for 10 min (this gives you time to get the side dishes finished)
*Duck MUST rest after cooking or it will be tough
Gobble up that baby and enjoy

The important trick is 1 hr and 15 min at 190C/375F
Don't let the duck dry out. It should be a bit pink when done.

Note: we had baked potatoes and fresh peas with the duck.
The time was just perfect for baking large potatoes along with the duck.

Dessert was a splash of vintage port in a snifter glass


Tavie said...

I love this blog so much.

Martin said...

Absolutely fantastic recipe timing was perfect taste was mind blowing worthy of 5 stars. The crowning glory for me was to use the juices from the roasting tin mixed with a little Bisto & a touch of orange juice stirred together over a low heat on cooker to make a gravy naughty but nice. Had roast potatoes,broccoli & whole green beans. Lovely meal, think we might just be having it again. Well someones got to do it. Thanks